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Weight Loss Plan

Did you know the average spayed/neutered adult pet will become obese on an adult maintenance food?

At our practice we routinely see pets dealing with issues like diabetes, urinary tract diseases, cancers, injured or torn ligaments, and accelerated arthritis. Each of these physical conditions, and many more, are routinely associated with, or are a direct result of, obesity. Surgical procedures also carry increased anesthetic challenges and prolonged healing times. With simple procedures like blood draws and IV catheter placement often become more difficult with obesity.


Weight loss can be challenging for anyone, especially for our pets. However, losing weight and getting into shaped can add years to your pet's life. It can also make those extra years more enjoyable. Pets don't understand that their excess weight is causing them harm. It's up to us to protect them and to not unintentionally contribute to debilitating diseases or premature death. Pet obesity is 100% under our control and helping your pet achieve their ideal healthy weight may be easier than you think. It simply requires understanding the importance of weight loss, commitment to the goal, some attention to detail, and assistance from your veterinary healthcare team.

Let us help you evaluate your pet and develop a plan for successful weight loss. The process will included a thorough initial assessment with the establishment of attainable goals. You and your pet will also have monthly check-ins and quarterly re-evaluations to provide tailored adjustments to ensure success!

To view our Weight Loss brochure and testimonial,

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